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Gerflor Taraflex™ | The Olympic Experiene

With a focus on the health and wellness of athletes in practice and performance, Gerflor has been a long-term supplier, providing Taraflex as a solution for every summer Olympics since Montreal, Canada in 1976

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Unique burn-free patented surface!

Taraflex® is the best solution to maximise both slide and grip. Its built-in Protecsol technology reduces friction heat build up by 25% when sliding. On top of this, it is cost effective and easy to maintain!

Sports Flooring for all!

Taraflex® is versatile enough to be used in various multi-specialist applications and affordable for all new projects and refurbishments. Our sports flooring solutions are used within the education, community, leisure, health & fitness sectors

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Smash Arena
Samsung Hub
Woodlands Police HQ
Clementi Primary School
SengKang Sports Recreation Centre
Bukit Gombak Sports Hall
Republic Polytechnic
NTU Sports Recreation Centre
Yishun Sports Recreation Centre - Gym
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