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Rekortan | The record breaking track

In partnership with Polytan/Rekortan, trusted by the most venues around the world for 50 years. 28% of all World Athletics Certified Tracks are from Polytan/Rekortan (Sport Group)

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Leading Running Track Installator in Singapore

TCB Sports has installed & resurfaced almost 80% of the running tracks in Singapore. To achieve uniform thickness and flatness takes years of experience. With such precision required and small tolerances allowed, our tracks are able to achieve World Athletics Class 1 and Class 2 Certifications

SmarTrack Technology

The SMART technology is unique, with magnetic gates embedded in the track connecting to a sensor or smartphone worn by the runner. This provides competitive athletes and coaches with advanced diagnostic information on force, agility, speed and endurance.

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Victoria Junior College
Nexus International School
Bukit Gombak Stadium
Jurong West Stadium
Eunoia Junior College
AWWA School
Singapore Management University
International French School
Nanyang Technological University
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